Rochelle Baldoz

Meet the Teacher

Rochelle Jean Baldoz, M. Ed, has over 10 years experience in education.  For the last eight years, she has been working at Marksville High School as special educator.  In addition to her responsibilities as Content Mastery center teacher, she serves as the Special Education Department Head.  Furthermore, she is an active member of Marksville High School Leadership Team.

Rochelle Jean Baldoz earned a Master in Education, Major in Special Education in 2012, post baccalaureate course in Special Education in 2007, and she earned a Bachelor of Arts major in Mass Communication in 1991.

Mrs. Baldoz holds State of Louisiana certification level 3 as a mild/moderate (1-12) educator.  Mrs. Baldoz’s educational interests include: specialized reading interventions, researched-based strategies, accommodations and modifications, and school-wide positive interventions to promote student achievement.


Marksville High School

Content Mastery Center

Room 405



Contact information:


MHS: 318-2539356 ext. 11979

Cellphone: 858-3447458 (3:10: p.m.—8:00 p.m.)



CMC Objective

  • Students will demonstrate listening and speaking skills that are appropriate for a variety of purposes, settings, and audiences.
  • Students will develop an extensive cross curricular vocabulary through reading and extensive word study.
  • Students will select and apply various problem solving strategies across curricular areas.
  • Students will select and use technology proficiently to locate, use, and communicate information.
  • Students will demonstrate developmentally appropriate behavior and respect for cultural diversity in a formal setting.


Classroom Expectations and Rules

Classroom Expectations

  • The atmosphere in this classroom will be formal and academic.
  • Students will work hard, learn, and enjoy the process.

Classroom Rules

  • Respect—Treat others as you would want to          be treated.

          Take care of all school materials and facility.

  • Responsibility—Wait for directions quietly.

Be in class on time and be ready to learn.

Stay in assigned seat or area unless given permission to do other wise.

                    Use time wisely.

                    Change tasks quickly and quietly.

                     Always clean-up after yourself.


What’s New in CMC

Kurzweil 3000 firefly

An integrated scan and read software program that provides multisensory access to reading material for reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, test-taking, and learning